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Bathroom Glass Partitions / Shower Enclosures

Bathroom Partitions are the most eye-catching glass interior concepts for the residential customers. Shower enclosures are shower partition made to divide the wet and dry area between the shower area and rest of the room space. Bathroom Partitions are mostly custom made immoral on specific space available for the shower enclosures .

There are various shady designs of shower enclosure such as a 180-degree shower enclosure, 90-degree shower enclosure, and pentagon type shower enclosure . Each angle of Bathroom Partitions is designed particularly to suit the room space available for taking shower. In shower enclosure 8mm toughened glasses are used.

Glass Bathroom Partitions / Shower Enclosures Suppliers in Hyderabad

On the top of shower enclosure , stainless steel heavy pipes are used as support bar to withstand complete glass cubical partition . Magnetic seals and water seals are used in shower enclosure for convenient operation of the door and effectively separate dry and wet are respectively. Different shaded color glasses are used in shower enclosure and various value-added designs are made on shower enclosure glass like frosting, etching and snickering to have desired designs. The concept of shower enclosures is applicable both in residential and commercial projects.

Bathroom partition fittings spaces are the best key available options for the architecture and interior designers. Such glasses like foster toughened glass, tinted glasses and double glazing toughened glasses of the shower enclosure and bathroom partition. Shower enclosures are also called as shower cubicles. Shower enclosures are the best option to divide wet and dry are in any location to prevent water from one to other.

Sets Of Shower Enclosures Are:

  1. Shower partition using a single panel of toughened glass to divide between dry and wet area.
  2. Base on the bathroom space 90degree shower enclosures are applied using shower hardware.
  3. Straight line shower partition to divide between wet and dry is in a bathroom.
  4. Pentagon shaped shower partition applied base on the feasibility inside a bathroom.
  5. Shower enclosure doors using a sliding door mechanism.

While working with Glass Architectural Solutions for bathroom space services in Hyderabad, you can enjoy our expertise in shower partition area, we pact with superior quality bathroom partition.This gives a feeling of space and making your bathroom feel larger, our given shower cubicle is designed by using best quality glass or other allied material along with leading technology. We are giving this bathroom partition to our customers on several specifications to choose.

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